Friday, 22 June 2012

Dead Black

Heeeey guys! Im so flipping excited!!! No more studying :' gah + i got a new camera!! :D Ill be posting way more often now yippeeee :))

So the outfit:
-Dress- My mothers
-Cross Choker -Claires
-Selected bug rings- H&M
-Platform Sandals- Topshop
-DIY hand bone hair clip

I dont know what to say.. i feel like a gothic granny, i wish this dress was longer-perhaps with a lace trim at the end?

My hair was inspired by Wednesday Adams<3

I dont know what else to say.. ill just leave it here :) Thanks for the support, love you guyyysss :3 xxx


  1. wow you are so hot, loving the wednesday adams vibe, she was always my favourite fictional character :)

    rebecca x

    1. thanks so much lovely<3 yeah shes just too awesome!

  2. i discovered your lookbook today, you are SO rad! it's rare to find someone like you :)
    love from austria

    1. awhhh you are too nice<3 haha im sure youll find crazier gorgeous people on lb :P